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Based in Accra Ghana.  Founded in 2011 by Ex-Ghanian International, Awudu Issaka, the Disco Dancer. Coming back to Ghana, He recognised how soccer, could have the power to inspire, and, could help provide children from extreme poverty with the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families. Starting small-but the Academy has grown to the point at which it is today. The focus and guiding principle of the Academy is that every talented child has the right to dream of a better, brighter future and can reach their full potential when nurtured within the right structure and environment. RAISA, since its inception, has catered for youths of 10 to 20 years old and it one of the Ghana's top rated soccer academy.

Our Program

 We provide long football courses, professional club soccer trial program, and residential soccer camps with training provided by world-class football coaches, and teams from around the continent Africa. Our Mission is to operate the world's leading international soccer/football; building strong business relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical international football environment. To teach, inspire and create the best technical footballers possible enabling them to compete in the modern competitive world.

Are you a parent?Does your child need to learn more soccer skills?

We are definitely there for you. Our training will grow your child into a fine world class footballer. And remember, discipline is the cornerstone of all we do. You can be rest assured that your child will be in the safe  and capable hands of our coaches and managers and he will be provided all the training and materials needed to make him into the the soccer star you wish for him to be. 

we do the following:

We Showcase the best of young soccer players
We Showcase players and their soccer videos
We Showcase players biographies and demographics
We Showcase players to scouts and recruiters

Are you a football team manager and you are looking for fresh talent?

You surely need to  contact us. Our well trained players would definitly fill in the positions you have problems with in your team. If you do contact us, well very much be pleased to do some good soccer business with you. We surely will be able to provide you any player of any caliber  to help put your team on top of the league table.


Looking for YOUNG soccer players? Raisa makes the recruitment process easier for you by allowing you to search our player database and view individual videos and portfolios.


Director General's Corner.


It is you who will decide and determine what Raisa is. You as a player, as an individual. For you, I would only wish that you continue to love your sport, to embrace it through a joy to play it, to practice it. And I wish for you to turn that passion into an everyday commitment, a relentless tenacity to work, to grow and to become the best that you can be. If you believe, all of us will believe with you. If you push, we will be right beside you.


As a parent of Rasia, player, you are championing a strenuous journey, making a sacrifice to support your child’s hopes. Those hopes also carry the possibilities of an entire country. Your decision to trust Raisa with your child’s formative years and the demands of this institution’s curricula is not an easy choice.Your encouragement, your understanding of the trade-offs both your child and you as a family are making is honorable. Your conviction might be tested from time to time, even doubted by some. If your child believes, all of us need to believe with him.

The Director General's Career

Issaka started playing football at the youth teams of Asante Kotoko, before he moved to Prampram Mighty Royals FC in Ghana's second division, where he already played for the first team at the age of fifteen. In 1995, soon after the FIFA World Youth Championship, Issaka signed a contract at the Belgian club RSC Anderlecht, where he mainly played for their youth team. Issaka caught the eye of the French club AJ Auxerre, in 1996 at a youth tournament. Soon after that he agreed to play for Auxerre, where he played until 1998.

In the 1998–99 season Issaka moved to German Bundesliga club TSV 1860 Munich,[2] where he played until the 2003–04 season. Then he played for his former club Prampram Mighty Royals FC for the rest of the 2004–05 season. Issaka later moved to Liberty Professionals FC, and played the 2005–06 season in the Ghana Telecom Premier League in Ghana. In July 2006 Issaka, joined the newly promoted Ghana Telecom Premier League club Tema Youth.

He played for the Ghana under-17 team in the FIFA World Youth Championship in 1995 in Ecuador. Issaka also took part in the FIFA World Youth Championship 1997 in Malaysia, where Ghana finished on fourth position.

Founder Honours

Are you a player with talent?

Do you have ambition ? If your answer is yes, then Welcome to ROYAL AWUDU ISAKA SOCCER ACADEMY, Raisa is definitely for you. You can fill the  Player Application Form to contact us for an interview and a subsequent assessment trial game.

We'll get in contact with you as soon as we receive your profile and other information. You may indicate your experiences and tell us why we should admit you. You'll be subjected to a justify your inclusion. We'll not hesitate to admit you if you prove yourself to be the talent you are.

Do you want to support the noble venture?

You surely need to contact us  . We'll very much like to co-operate with you in anyway you see interesting. We could foster a mutually relationship that will benefit all and especially the young talented footballers. Our co-operation is not limited to financial benefits alone but in any kind gestures as the donation of used equipment or football gear. We also could assist in the area of scouters who would want to explore football in Ghana.


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